About our shoes

Laura Potti shoes, which are professionally designed by company’s designers and are sewn in the company’s own factory, are fashionable year-round high quality shoes for women with small (32-35) and big (41-44) foot sizes.

Why Laura Potti?

Your attention is invited to the continually updating technologically and aesthetically perfect Laura Potti shoes collection: boots, ankle boots, shoes and sandals that:

  • carefully designed by company's designers in accordance with the latest fashion trends, technical and hygienic standards of quality
  • have a well-thought-out ergonomic design
  • are made of soft, high quality leather, suede and textile
  • use of selective accessories, decorative finishes and accessories.

The best designers, shoe technologists, sewing masters work on developing technologically and aesthetically impeccable models of shoes, differing by lightness, softness, high strength, wear resistance and durability. Our shoes are well tolerate with water contact and climatic variations, retains its attractive appearance during long socks, not tired legs and allow them to "breathe".

Shoes in non-standard sizes

Our experts particularly pay attention to the design of shoe models for women with physiological characteristics of foot (small and big sizes), for which use modern technologies, best design and decoration materials. Such kind of shoes are produced in limited quantities in the world, thus we strive to help domestic fashionable women to solve the problem of choice!

Our shoes for non-standard foot sizes are specially planned, carefully developed afterwards sewn.

We keen to produce shoes, ankle boots and sandals which are trendy, ideal for the season, ensure absolute comfort, perfect outline silhouette of legs, making it slimmer and sexier.

Laura Potti brandy shoes catalog is continually updating with new collections thus you make effective choice and enjoy easy and pleasant shopping!

About us

Company Laura Potti is one of the first successful manufacturers in Russia starting own production of stylish women shoes in big and small sizes.

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  • Email: laurapotti@mail.ru

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