• Posted by Андрей Смирнов

Big sizes shoes. Some choosing secrets

All women are different in understanding of style, beauty and shoe practicality, but all of them have the same requirements for shoes-shoes should have excellent quality, be safe, durable and efficiently complement any wardrobe! But if there is no any kind of difficulties to choose shoes for standard foot size, then there are few choices for 41-44 foot sizes in ordinary stores, firstly, you will have to choose from what they have, secondly, remember some useful tips:

  1. Even in case of very little choice, you should always look for a pair, which make your leg slimmer and sexier, and complete your stylish look. There is no option « We buy what we have»! Who is looking for, will definitely find it.
  2. Shoes are your step and bearing. Even if you like the model, but it is inconvenient to go and uncomfortable, and the block does not suit you, you should better do not buy it. Shoes should complement you, but not the vice versa.
  3. Shoes size should fit the foot size. No any kind of tricks and attempts to squeeze your foot into smaller shoe will not help. You are not Cinderella and you will have to be tormented by pain not till midnight, but after since. This is not the carriage, and the leg cannot turn into a pumpkin…Please, spare yourself and your legs.
  4. Shoe design is one of the most qualitative selection criteria. Besides ease of wearing shoes, there are also general style criteria. As high heels are contra-indicated for you (in case of big size shoes they are usually contra-indicated)-get your attention to the shoes with low heels, which will give harmony balance to your shape.
  5. More probably you will have to ditch massive platform shoes or wedges, which visually make your foot heavier and bigger. You should accept that these shoes are for women with small foot size.
  6. If big size shoes make you uncomfortable, you can choose closed-in or square-tipped shoes or mules, which visually make your feet smaller. Knee high lace up flat sole will also make your foot more feminine.
  7. If you have big size foot, but average height, then high heels will visually smooth the foot length because of high drop heel, giving more sexuality to your walk.
  8. If you know yourself, all your body’s advantages and disadvantages, then you will always easily choose the pair of shoes, which will effectively cover your demerits (and also inferiority complex) and beneficially show your merits. You should always keep in mind these rules, while looking for shoes, and even in case of minimum choice, you will definitely find the one, which will make you irresistible!

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